Your daily dose

Happy Pills

Happy Pills is a Spanish candy brand that pioneered the concept of “Healing everyday ailments with sweet remedies”. Their products are jars with candies sold as medicine for different situations.

You are not hard to love


Even if you feel lonely, you are not alone

– Solitude

We received a brief where we had to propose a new line of merchandising for Happy Pills that was coherent with the brand values. So we came up with “your daily dose”, a recipe book where people could find words of affirmation, support, advice, and reminders for the different challenges in life.


We also proposed a way to reward people for doing things that help them to get out of their problems. For this purpose, we suggested the use of stickers together with messages that congratulate people for their effort.

*This is not a real project, though it would be awesome to make it happen. The illustrations are inspired and taken by the amazing guys at Pictoline.